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Papua New Guinea Diving

Northern Papua New Guinea diving is best described as diving the "Cocus of PNG" with the main theme being big animals. While Eastern Fields trips will give you more shark sightingspng island diving with pristine reefs, Milne Bay the large Mantas and 'muck' macro, Madang a good mixture of everything plus the "Hammers", trips departing Wewak for the Ninigo and Hermits definitely produce the biggest variety in big animals. Common sightings of Grey Reef Sharks, some Silver Tips and then a plethora of rays, which include the Eagle Rays, Cow Rays, Mobula Rays, and Manta Rays! A big Papua New Guinea Diving hit is the swim with a pod of a thousand Dolphins in Dolphin Pass (for want of a better name). Another memorable site "The Dive" has thousands of pelagic fish against a dramatic back drop of reef. We normally dive one or two WWII shipwrecks that are near the island of Kairuru. The testimony of time has changed these wrecks into large artificial reefs, providing homes for an abundance of marine life. Many species of scorpion fish can be found camouflaged against the hull; ghost pipefish and frogfish have also diving in papua new guineabeen sighted. Visibility at most sights is superb at 100-150' (30 - 45m) while at others its marginal at 40 - 60' (12 - 20m) - due to their locations, eg near Wewak or inner lagoon. Water temperature is wonderful at around 82 - 84 deg F (28 - 30 deg C) so skin suites or 3mm suites are more than adequate. There are three main Island groups visited for diving in Papua New Guinea and all three are different in geography and equally stunning, the people at inhabited islands are very friendly and the beaches visited are picture post card material.

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