Technical Diving Supplies and Rentals



Our current rental prices are as follows. All prices are quoted in US dollars. The price list is designed so that cost for the dive is in red the price for the day in blue and for the trip in green.

*NITROX - (63-90 cft 22%-50%) $ 8.00 for entire trip P.O.A.

A partial pressure fill system is utilised on the boat enabling fills as high as 80% for those who are qualified for use of such blends (*1)

*NITROX DIVING COMPUTER $10.00 $20.00 $100.00



*DIVESORB(In bulk Quantity) (*1)

(*1) Price on Application, if this service may be required please notify us to ensure adequate supplies.
(*2) Weekly rental based on availability unless booked in advance.
The lessee will be required to sign a 'rental agreement and waiver form' as well as submit a security deposit for all rental.
( Prices effective as of May 2001, prices are subject to change.)

The M.V. Golden Dawn is a luxury liveaboard dive vessel catering to experienced certified divers doing ten day trips to some of the most remote parts of Papua New Guinea. In keeping with our philosophy of supplying adventure diving and quality service, we are proud to be the first to offer Technical diving courses in Papua New Guinea. These courses will enable our passengers to safely experiences the advantages of diving on Nitrox or experience the adventure of diving on the Atlantis 1 rebreather.

(Due to a limited number of positions advanced bookings are recommended.)

* EANx diver $175.00 (includes two dives and IANTD certification costs) prerequisites Certified Open Water Diver. Includes theory relative to the safe use of EANx mixes from 21% to a maximum of 40% and two dives on an EANx mixture of between 24% and 40%. (should take two nights to cover theory, and two dives in one day)
EANx DIVER course is easily completed with no interference to your own diving schedule allowing you to capitalize on extra bottom time.

* REBREATHER EXPERIENCE Program $130.00 (Includes a brief theory and skills session followed by a guided dive) prerequisites: Certified Diver, minimum age 15yrs. This program is designed to introduce the diver to the basic concept of Rebreathers and provide practical experience.

.* INTRO REBREATHER Exploratory Dive $400.00 (Includes theory and skills with four dives and certification as a EANx Diver.) Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water, logged 25 dives, minimum 15yrs. This program is designed to provide the diver with sufficient knowledge and practical experience to make them aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Rebreathers. (two nights to cover theory with four dives to be completed over two days)

* DEEP AIR DIVER $200.00 (includes four dives and IANTD certification costs) prerequisites: Advanced Open Water, logged 10 dives, minimum age 15yrs, 12yrs for jnr certification. This course is designed to provide responsible training to divers who plan to dive to 130 few (39 msw) on air. (two nights of theory with four dives to be completed over two days.)

* ADVANCED EANx DIVER $200.00 (includes four dives and IANTD certification costs) prerequisites: Certified EANx Diver, IANTD Deep Air Diver of Equivalent with 50 logged dives, minimum age 15yrs. This program is designed to extend the divers knowledge in the use of EANx, develop skills and provided a greater understanding of the EANx concept of diving. The program employs EANx mixes of 21% to 40% for diving and 50% for decompression and safety stops. (three nights of theory with four dives completed over two days.)

* REBREATHER Diver Course $600.00 (Includes theory and skills with six dives and Certification costs*) prerequisites: IANTD Deep Air Diver and Advanced EANx Diver or equivalent. The IANTD Advanced EANx diver may be taken in conjuction with the Rebreather Diver Course. Minimum age of 18yrs and 50 logged dives. This course is designed to train competent divers in the safer use and technology of Rebreathers.
(four nights of theory with six dives to be completed in four days.)
*a 20% discount on rental for the remainder of the trip.

See the 1999 - 2000 Scheduled Departures

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