Photography is the most popular underwater objective of divers taking our trips. We will be diving in some of the most photogenic waters of the world.

Experienced photographers will find reefs, fish life and visibility absolutely excellent for both stills, video and movies. Bring all the film, tapes, batteries etc. with you, as such supplies are usually not available, or very expensive.

If you have any foreign-made equipment, such as cameras, binoculars, tape-recorders, transistor radios, etc. We strongly recommend registering them with the U.S. Customs Service (or that of your home country) before departing.

This can be done by visiting the Customs Office in person, or perhaps more conveniently, at the Gateway City as you depart. Present whatever you want to register to the Customs officials who will record the serial number and validation form which you should keep with your passport. This serves as proof that the article was not purchased abroad; otherwise you may have to pay duty upon returning to the US/ Europe etc.

See the 1999 - 2000 Scheduled Departures

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