Milne Bay Itinerary - Papua New Guinea





GOLDEN DAWN'S annual schedule of dive destinations involves relocating the vessel to different locations in the country. This enables us to offer our clients the kind of varied and exciting diving that is consistent with Papua New Guinea's reputation for world class underwater action as we choose to dive these regions during the optimum weather conditions.

2. During March, June and October GOLDEN DAWN offers mantas in southern Milne Bay area. This is not the usual "milk run" originally pioneered and made famous by Bob and Dinah Halstead*, though a few of the sites are covered on route to Samarai Island region. There are a number of varied dives on this schedule, strong current to 'muck' dives, though the sensation are the mantas at "Giants at Home". Here in shallow water, large coral boulders, with a healthy cover of soft corals are scattered over a sandy bottom. Big sweet lips, groupers, Hump Headed Parrotfish and even Dugong make an appearance.

The giant mantas come in to be cleaned by the wrasse on the large bommies. There are at least a dozen individuals in the 9'-12' (3-4m) range and you can get so close you can fill a fish eye lens. As we spend some considerable time at this location everybody will get the opportunity to get close to these magnificent creatures. The visibility here is modest as it is full of plankton and that is what mantas prefer.
*Check Bob and Dinah Halstead's image library at

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