Scuba Diving Kavieng: Route Guide, key dive sites and description

Diving in Kavieng presents yet another diversely different dive destination in PNG.

Known for it's pelagic splendor the strong incoming currents act as magnets to the schools of trevally, barracuda, grey reef sharks, eagle rays and reef fish.

During outgoing tides, low lying channel islands clad in mangroves, provide havens for juvenile fish species and other exquisite macro critters. These islands also provide excellent calm safe anchorage's for the Golden Dawn.

A number of world class wrecks are dived, remnants to the 2nd WW. For example in Three Island Harbour, there is the Sanko Maru and the Japanese Mini submarine. these wrecks are some of the best night wreck dives I have ever experienced. A newer wreck, the "Der Yang" at Echuca Patch is a fantastic site for photographic and video enthusiasts with the schools of barracuda circling above the wreck in blue water.

The deep water west from New Hanover is an oceanic passage for large creatures such as orcas and sperm whales and we have at times managed to swim with these giants of the sea.




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