Diving Gear Suggestions



Here, are our suggestions for dive gear to bring:


  • Mask, Fins, and Regulator with visible pressure gauge
  • Buoyancy compensator
  • Weight Belt (without weights)
  • Dive gear bag
  • Dive Computer and/or depth gauge
  • Dive timer and a Safety Sausage

Optional, But strongly recommended:

  • Spare mask
  • Spare Regulator (if planning to use the rental of a pony bottle)
  • Dive tables
  • gloves and Signal mirror


  • Dive knife
  • Dive light (necessary if you plan to do night dives)
  • chemical light sticks and a snorkel if you plan to do any skin-diving

Gear Identification:

We strongly recommend marking each and every piece of dive equipment for ease of identification and to avoid confusion.

  • The following items of diving equipment are provided:
All Air Refills
  • other items of interest that may be rented or purchased through the IANTD Training Facility:
*EANx fills
*Staging bottles
*Nitrox Dive Computers
*Pony bottles for redundant air sources
*Atlantis Rebreather rentals
or purchase
*Rebreather scrubber
and EANx refills

and *EANx and or Rebreather Certification

We recommend the above items are booked in advance.
For more information on any of the above item contact your agent or us direct!


With the number of Technical Certified divers increasing and the interest in the in Rebreathers for Underwater photography and recreational diving, we have fitted our vessel with a line of specialized equipment and services to meet this need.

Our current rental prices are a follows, All prices are quoted in US dollars. The price list is designed so that cost for the day is in red the price for the day in blue and for the trip in green.

*NITROX - (63-90 cft 22%-50%) $ 8.00 $30.00 $250.00

a partial pressure fill system is utilises on the boat enabling fills as high as 80% O@ for those who are qualified for use of such blends (*1)

*NITROX DIVING COMPUTER $10.00 $20.00 $100.00



*DIVESORB(In bulk Quantity) (*1)

extras to be considered

  • pony bottle for bail out system 13 cubic feet
  • a first stage with a alternate air source (a scuba pro air II or similar is recommended) and pressure gauge
  • type of NITROX computer
  • all prices on application

    (*1) Price on Application, if this service may be required please notify us to ensure adequate supplies
    (*2) Weekly rental based on availability unless booked in advance

The leaser will be required to sign a 'rental agreement and waiver from' as well as submit a security deposit for all rental.

Prices effective as of May 1st 1997 prices are subject to change.

See the 1999 - 2000 Scheduled Departures

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