Baggage Allowance

Within the USA two pieces of baggage may be carried on, neither of which may weigh more than 70 pounds. The total outside dimensions of the bag cannot exceed 106 inches, nor can any one bag's dimensions exceed 62 inches. Be aware, however that on Air Niugini the limit is 44 pounds plus one dive bag. This bag should be declared at check-in-time.

Divers coming from European countries should check with travel agents for their allowances. Try to pack as lightly as diving allows.

Packing Suggestions

Fragile items such as cameras, regulators, dive computers etc., should be packed in a small bag and taken as carryon luggage. Clothing should be packed in one (or if necessary two) suitcases. Be sure your baggage is properly tagged.

The 2000/2001
Papua New Guinea Underwater Photography Competition

"The Coral Sea Group of Hotels, Air Niugini and the Papua New Guinea Divers Association offer divers the opportunity to visit one of the worlds greatest diving destinations."
Air Niugini as a major sponsor offers participants to this 2000/2001 Underwater Photography Competition
"40 kgs total baggage on International and Domestic flights"

Michael Bureau General Manager - Commercial & Customer Services Air Niugini

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